DMP Pump tube Niro for residual drainage

for flammable liquids

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Product information “DMP Pump tube Niro for residual drainage”

Immersion depth: 1200 mm
Seal type: Mechanical seal (MMS)


The Lutz DMP Pump tube for residual drainage (Niro) is suitable for thin-bodied, flammable and explosive liquids. The Pump tube can be suitably combined with our compressed air Double diaphragm pump 1/2″ . Thus the emptying of the liquids is secured and saves important resources.

  • Can be combined with the compressed air Double diaphragm pump 1/2″
  • Suitable for Drum emptying alternative fuels, oils, flammable liquids

Features & Advantages

  • No lubricants and therefore no contamination of the pumped medium by lubricants
  • Optimised drum residue emptying with remaining residual quantity of approx. 0.1 litre
  • No leakage in case of inclined position or repositioning of the pumping unit
  • Maximum product utilisation with reduced drum cleaning and disposal costs
  • Sealing module of the mechanical seal (GLRD) pump can be replaced
Technical data
Pump tube (material): Niro (Edelstahl)
Impeller (material): ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluorethylene copolymer)
Static seal (material): FEP ummantelt
Mechanical seal (material): Kohle, Keramik, PTFE, HC-4 (2.4610), Edelstahl (1.4571)
Bearing (material): Edelkohle
Drive shaft (material): Edelstahl (1.4571)
Temperature of medium (max °F): 212
density (up to kg/dm³): 1.9
Viscosity (up to max. cps)*: 950
Type of impeller: Radial-flow impeller
Seal type: Mechanical seal (MS)
Immersion length: from 19″ (500 mm), from 39″ (1000 mm), from 47″ (1200 mm)
Immersion tube diameter (up to mm): 1.6
Thread (inch) outside: 1 1/4″
Explosion Protection: Yes
Type: DMP RE Niro 41-L-GLRD

* The maximum flow rate is a value determined by means of a test bench and measured with water at a medium temperature of approx. 20 °C. The measurement is carried out at the pressure joint of the pump, without hose, nozzle or flow meter. The achievable flow rate in use is lower and depends on the individual application, the liquid properties and the configuration of the pump. The max. delivery head also depends on the pump design, motor and fluid. The viscosity values are determined with oil.

** Test assembly: Medium water / diesel, flow in preferred direction, settling section 0.2 m upstream and downstream of flow meter