Drum pump MP-SS with motor B 55-T-5 (120 V)

US-0151-240 + 0060-004


Product information “Drum pump MP-SS with motor B 55-T-5 (120 V)”

Suitable for mixing and pumping corrosive and neutral, aqueous up to slightly monitoring in non-explosive areas.

Liquid examples:
Emulsions, suspensions and dispersions, paints and lacquers


  • Two functions („pumping“ and „mixing and pumping“) in one unit
  • No grease fillings
  • Modular, service friendly design


  • Change between “pumping” and “mixing and pumping” without moving during operation via a small lever below the handwheel
  • High mixing performance and flow rate for thorough homogenisation and rapid drainage
  • Lube-free pump tube, thus no contamination of the liquid

Note: The drum must always be covered during the mixing process.


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