Flow meter TS type ST10

for mineral oils and low-viscosity media

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The Flow meter without quantity preselection consists of the parts basic counter (measuring unit) and operating unit (display)

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Product information “Flow meter TS type ST10”

Version: without Volume preselection (relay module)
Note: The connection to the Pump tube or the system is made with a thread


The first flowmeter with touchscreen display and backlight impresses with its simple, on-demand display and operability, multilingual interface and compact design. Due to the rotating swash plate and a magnet, it enables the precise measurement of the volume flow and measures low to medium viscosity media such as water and mineral oils precisely, quickly and above all efficiently. Optionally, the desired volume can be preselected with a volume preselection (relay module), so that the pump or the system switches off automatically after the selected volume. This further simplifies and secures the operation of the systems.

  • Optional with quantity preselection (relay module)
  • Media examples: Water, oil, diesel, heating oil, hydraulic oils etc.
  • Mobile at a Drum pump or with dispensing gun connection or stationary in the plant construction

Features & Advantages

  • Measurement according to the swash plate principle
  • High measuring accuracy
  • Variable display orientation
  • Touchscreen display with self-explanatory, multilingual user interface
  • Measuring range from 10 l/min- 100 l/min
  • Simple operation
Technical data
Housing Material: PPO (Polyphenylenether)
Seals (material): FPM (fluorinated rubber)
Measuring chamber (material): PPO (Polyphenylenether), PPS (Polyphenylensulfid)
Magnet: BaFe / PA / Edelstahl 1.4401
Flow volumes (up to max. GPM): 26,4
Temperature of medium (max °F): max. 284 °F
Operating pressure (max. psi): 58
Viscosity (up to max. cps)*: 2000
Messprinzip: Taumelscheibe
Connection: Gewinde
Inlet connection (inch): 2″
Outlet connection (inch): 1 1/4″
Messgenauigkeit kalibriert**: ± 1%
Connection: Gewinde
Version: with volume preselection, ohne Mengenvorwahl
Type: ST10, ST10 / RM10 120 V

* The maximum flow rate is a value determined by means of a test bench and measured with water at a medium temperature of approx. 20 °C. The measurement is carried out at the pressure joint of the pump, without hose, nozzle or flow meter. The achievable flow rate in use is lower and depends on the individual application, the liquid properties and the configuration of the pump. The max. delivery head also depends on the pump design, motor and fluid. The viscosity values are determined with oil.

** Test assembly: Medium water / diesel, flow in preferred direction, settling section 0.2 m upstream and downstream of flow meter

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"without volume pre-set", "with volume pre-set)"