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Christyche Limited is committed to the delivery of quality and environmentally preferred services that lead to customer satisfaction and creates a habitable working environment for our staff & Clients. Thus we are committed to:

• Conducting regular trainings and awareness on all the standards( ISO 9001: ISO 14001 & ISO 45001) requirements for its employees, in order to develop and maintain their competence and skills to contribute to the effective functioning of the QHSE.
• Communicating to all its stakeholders and employees the QHSE performance records and implementation strategies
• Instituting a system for monitoring, reviewing and improving the QHSE performance.
• Complying by all regulatory, legal and statutory requirements relevant to its operation
• Pollution prevention
• Reporting, investigating and closing out all incidents and non-compliance
• Ensuring its top management demonstrate the leadership and commitment required to implement and maintain a standardized System.
• Setting QHSE objectives and targets taken into account our business risks, stakeholder’s interest, legal requirements as part of our QHSE implementation strategies.
• Involving and consulting with our employees and stakeholders in all matters relating to the implementation of the IMS.
• Maintaining, updating and testing an emergency preparedness.
• Also ensuring commitment to the continual improvement of the standards of QHSE ( ISO 9001: ISO 14001 & ISO 45001).

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